Athlete’s Guide

XTERRA Bromont 2023


The organizing committee thanks you for taking part in the fourth edition of the XTERRA Bromont cross-triathlon.

We’re proud and excited to present several important new features this year, including the new main competition site, which will be located at the Bromont Olympic Equestrian Park (OEP). This change of main venue will involve a number of other changes, such as improvements to the courses and competition logistics, which will be presented to you in this participant’s guide.

Several competition formats are offered this year: triathlon, duathlon and Mixterra gravel bike with Standard long-distance and Sprint medium-distance events.

What’s more, the Discovery, Youth and Kids formats will give everyone the chance to try out or excel at an XTERRA event, with distances to suit all levels of difficulty.

Bromont’s vast network of high-quality trails enables us to design courses that are both “challenging”, yet accessible, fun and balanced. The cycling and running courses offered are renewed for 2023. The mountain bike course, mostly on single-track trails, will pass over one of the peaks in the trail network, offering a good challenge and spectacular views. The race course will take place on the OEP site and in the Oak Mountain area, in a magnificent setting. The gravel bike course will criss-cross bucolic gravel roads, with a new long-distance format this year. The standard and long-distance formats will each comprise two loops and two passes through the main venue. The sprint and middle-distance formats will use the same routes, but with a single loop.

XTERRA Bromont is part of the worldwide XTERRA circuit and will offer qualifying places for the 2023 or 2024 XTERRA World Championships to be held in Italy in October. It is also part of the XTERRA Quebec Series, a series of events including XTERRA Quebec, XTERRA Tremblant and XTERRA Gaspésia.

We would like to thank the City of Bromont and the entire community for their exceptional collaboration. Our main partners are Parc des Sommets, Action Conservation du Bassin Versant du Lac Bromont, Centre National de Cyclisme de Bromont, Bromont Montagne d’Expériences, Tourisme Bromont, as well as Ubac ski-vélo and Xact nutrition.

A huge thank you to our dear volunteers who make this event possible, who support and encourage you every step of the way. Without their essential contribution this event could not take place, so please thank them and be courteous to them at all times. We would also like to thank the owners of private land who grant us the right of way to optimize our routes, as well as all our other partners, suppliers and collaborators.

We hope that the event will live up to your expectations, and that you will take away many memorable moments. Take the opportunity to stay in our beautiful city and enjoy the variety of high-quality outdoor activities, restaurants, spas and shops to suit all tastes.

Welcome and enjoy the event!

The organizing committee
XTERRA Bromont


Most of the event will take place at the main site of the Olympic Equestrian Park (OEP). A 2nd secondary site at the Lac Bromont beach will be used solely for the triathlon events on Sunday.

Here’s how the 2 sites will be used and the logistics between them:

For the entire duration of the event and all events :

The main site at the Olympic Equestrian Park will include parking for all participants, welcome, registration, pre-race meetings, T2 bike-race transition area, medical base, finish area, refreshments and post-race area with marquee, foodtruck (Sunday only) and awards podium. The site will be animated with background music and an energizing entertainer to encourage participants at every stage of their competition.

The mid-course changeover between loops 1 and 2 for Standard and Long Distance formats will take place in this area.

For the Discovery and Youth duathlon events on Saturday and for the duathlons and Mixterra on the gravel bike on Sunday:

Competitions will take place in their entirety on the main EOP site, including all starts and transitions for these events.

Sunday triathlon events only:

The secondary Lac Bromont beach site will be used only for Sunday triathlon event starts, including the open water swim segment and T1 swim-bike transition.

After leaving the beach for the bike segment, participants will not return to the beach, but will complete the bike segment, the T2 transition and the finish at the PÉO. Swimming equipment will be brought back by the organization to the main site in the T2 transition area, to be handed over to participants after the event. Participants will be given an identified bag in which to put their swimming equipment during their transition. It is very important to put all equipment in the bag to avoid losing any. The organization cannot be held responsible for lost equipment that is not placed in the bags.

A shuttle service will transport spectators between the 2 sites, to the Lac Bromont beach and back to the main site of the Olympic Equestrian Park.

Participants should cycle to the Lac Bromont beach via the Chemin de Gaspé, an easy, continuous descent on an asphalt road about 1.5 km long. They should bring with them their swimming gear and T1 swim-to-bike transition. If necessary, they can put their identified equipment on the shuttle or hand it over to an attendant who will take the shuttle.

Here’s the pre-race sequence for participants in Sunday’s triathlon events:

Participants arrive at the main PÉO site for parking

    • Welcome, registration
    • Participant kit pick-up and marking
    • Prepare T2 bike/run transition area (it’s very important to have everything ready for the T2 transition before heading down to the lake; in the worst-case scenario, it would be possible to take the shuttle back up, but there would be a significant loss of time).
    • Gather swim gear and T1 transition to get ready to head for the lake.
    • Bike down to Lac Bromont beach
    • Prepare the T1 swim-bike transition area (it’s very important to have the identified bag ready to hold all the swimming gear, to avoid losing any).
    • Swim start at Lac Bromont beach
    • Transition 1 swim-bike to Lac Bromont beach and bike departure
    • Bike arrives at Olympic Equestrian Park for continuation of competition
    • Collection of bag identified with swimming equipment at the end of the event


    Thursday, August 24th
    4:00 pm to 8:00 pm: Open practice of courses

    Friday August 25th
    4:00 pm to 8:00 pm: Open practice of courses and on-site registration

    Saturday, August 26th
    10:00 am to 6:00 pm: Open practice of courses and on-site registration
    2:00 pm to 5:30 pm: Discovery, Youth and Children’s competitions
    5:30 pm to 6:30 pm: Pre-race meeting for Sunday competitions
    6:30 pm to 7:30 pm: Basic triathlon and duathlon tips

    Sunday, August 27
    7:50am to 9:40am: Competition starts
    10:45 am: Arrival of the first competitors
    11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.: Foodtruck service for post-race meals
    12:00 pm: Overall medals ceremony
    12:30 p.m.: Opening of transition area for equipment pick-up
    1:00 pm: Age groupe medals ceremony
    2:00 pm: Arrival of last competitors
    3:00 pm: End of entertainment and event


    Saturday, August 26th

    2:00 p.m.: Discovery Duathlon, 14-15, 16-17, 18+
    3:00 p.m.: Youth 12-13
    4 p.m.: Youth 10-11
    4:45 p.m.: Youth 8-9
    5:15 p.m.: Youth 6-7

    No time limit

    Sunday, August 27

    7:50 a.m.: MIXTERRA gravel long-distance duathlon
    8:00 am: Standard distance triathlon
    8:15am: Duathlon standard distance
    9:20 a.m.: MIXTERRA gravel middle distance duathlon
    9:30 a.m.: Middle distance triathlon (sprint)
    9:40 am: Duathlon middle distance (sprint)

    Cut-off times
    10:45 a.m.: End of 1st loop of standard and long-distance bike race
    12:30 p.m.: End of bike and start of race
    1:15pm: End of 1st loop of Standard and long-distance race
    2:00 pm: End of race and competition


    Online registration closes at noon on Friday August 25. It will be possible to register on site no later than 1h30 before the start time of each event.

    Opening hours of the registration office located at the Parc Équestre Olympique :

      • Saturday August 26, from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm
      • Sunday August 27, 6:00 am to 6:30 am

    pre-race meeting

    We invite all participants in Sunday’s events to attend the pre-race meeting on Saturday, August 26 at 5:30 p.m. at the main site of the Olympic Equestrian Park. For those unable to attend, it will be possible to listen to a replay on facebook.

    For Saturday’s events, pre-race meetings will be held 20 minutes before the start of each category at the Parc Équestre Olympique. All the necessary information and advice will be provided. It will also be possible to ask questions and request more specific advice.

    *It is compulsory to attend the pre-race meeting or to watch it on site or on Facebook. For Sunday events, there will be a very brief pre-race meeting 15 minutes before the start of each event. This short meeting does not include any detailed information or question time.

    REGISTRATION AND race kit pick up

    When you arrive at the main site on the day of your competition, you must go to the registration booth to confirm your presence and participation. For Sunday only, the timing chip will be issued at registration. For Saturday, timing will be manual, so no chip is required.

    For all event formats, participant kits will be placed under the racks in the transition area on the Olympic Equestrian Park site at bib # location. Participant kits will include swim helmet, bike plate, race bib and timing chip to be attached to an ankle. Tie-wraps and pins will also be provided.

    For Sunday only, the coupon for the participant’s meal, included with registration, will also be in the kit. Do not lose this coupon to be entitled to the free meal, otherwise you will have to pay for your meal like all accompanying persons and spectators.

    How to get there

    The main event site is the Parc Equestre Olympique at 450 chemin de Gaspé in Bromont. All participants will be parked on this vast site.

    From Highway 10 eastbound (coming from Montreal) :

      • Take exit 74, turn left for Rte Pierre-Laporte Sud (2.0 km)
      • Turn left at Chemin Granby (2.5 km)
      • Continue straight on chemin des Carrières (1.9 km)
      • Turn right on chemin de Gaspé (1.8 km)
      • Parc Équestre Olympique is on the right, near chemin Gale

    From Autoroute 10 westbound (from Sherbrooke):

      • Take exit 78 for boul. Bromont (2.5 km).
      • Turn right on rue Montréal (1.0 km).
      • Turn left on ch. de Gaspé (3.5 km).
      • Parc Équestre Olympique is on the right, near chemin Gale


    Parking for all participants and spectators will be on the main site of the Olympic Equestrian Park.


    Tous les parcours sont en ligne sur https://xterraquebec.com/parcours-xtb-2023/


    IMPORTANT: It is compulsory for ALL participants, without exception, to pay for all daily access to the Parc des Sommets site outside the time of the competition. You must purchase a right of passage online for each visit. Please respect our partner Parc des Sommets, who develops and maintains the trails to offer you the best XTERRA courses.

    The routes are available from our website https://xterraquebec.com/parcours-xtb-2023/, with links to the Trailforks site, which shows full details of each route. All trail markings will be completed by Thursday, August 24. Before that date, make sure you have access to the Trailforks course maps to get the lay of the land.

    Bike course training: Anytime during Parc des Sommets opening hours.

    Training on the running course: Part of the running course on the OSP grass fields will not be accessible until the week before the event on August 21. The training courses offered on Trailforks are comparable to the competition courses and include all the technical sections of Oak Mountain. Competition courses will be published, marked and accessible the week before the event. It is strictly forbidden to ride a bicycle on the grassy areas of the EOP at any time, without exception, not even during the event.

    Please respect this rule, which allows us to obtain the right to use our partners’ grounds, and only use them on foot during the week preceding the event.


    Feed zones will be available on the bike and run courses.

    For the bike portion, a single feed zone will be positioned at the end of the 1st Standard and Long Distance loop near the main site at km 15.5.

    For the run portion, there will be one afeed zone positioned at the entrance/exit to the Oak Mountain sector, with 2 passes per loop, and another near the finish line for the end of the 1st Standard and Long Distance loop. There will also be a full finish refreshment area in the post-race zone.

    For the race portion, we strongly recommend the use of a flexible “speed cup” glass to limit waste. If you have received a glass at one of our events, please bring it with you. If you don’t have one, we’ll sell it for $15. The runner must bring the glass to his or her race segment and refill it himself or herself at the refreshment station. We are limiting the number of glasses handed out at refreshment points, in order to reduce waste.

    Participants using their own refreshments will be able to dispose of their packaging in the garbage cans at the refreshment stations. It is strictly FORBIDDEN to dispose of packaging or any other waste on the course outside these stations. Participants who fail to comply with these rules will be automatically disqualified.

    The position of the refreshment stations on the course will be distributed as follows:

      • Standard bike: km 15.5
      • Standard race: km 1.7 / 3.7 / 5.3 / 7.0 / 9.0 / finish km 10.6
      • Sprint bike: none
      • Sprint race: km 1.7 / 3.7 / finish km 5.3
      • Discovery and young cyclists: none
      • Discovery and 14-15 year-olds race: km 1.5 / finish km 3
      • Youth 12-13 race: km 1.25 / finish km 2
      • Youth 10-11 race: km 0.75 / finish km 1.5
      • Youth 8-9 race: finish km 1.0
      • Youth 6-: finish km 0.5

    Refreshments include water, Xact bars and beverages with electrolytes, Coca-Cola, oranges, bananas, melon, soft bars, nut mix, pretzels.

    A refreshment station at the finish will be available to participants, with everything found on the courses and a few treats to boot!

    If you wish to have a personal refreshment on the course, this will only be possible in the refreshment zones identified above or at your place in the transition zone. Refuelling outside these zones is illegal, and offenders will be penalized.


    To make your race a success, here are our top tips for nutrition during exercise:

      • Simple carbohydrates are the primary source of energy during your run! They’re easy to digest and exactly what your muscles need during a medium- to high-intensity effort!
      • Aim for 100 calories of simple carbohydrates (25 g) every 30-45 minutes during your run for continuous energy. *Pro tip: Take a gel or energy bar 30 minutes before the race to add energy for the swim section.
      • Unlike your carbohydrate requirements, your fluid needs can vary according to the temperature and humidity of the day. Adapt your fluid intake according to the day.
        Add electrolytes to your fluids to better absorb and replace minerals lost in sweat.
      • When you arrive, don’t forget to eat a protein AND carbohydrate snack to get your recovery off to a good start. Obviously, fluids too. After you’ve eaten and drunk well, you can go and get your celebratory beer. Congratulations!

    On-site services

      • Foodtruck Faim Renard (meals included for participants)
      • Foodtruck Faim Renard (meals for sale to accompanying persons and spectators)
      • Xact for refreshments on the course and at the finish line
      • Maxi for refreshments on the course and at the finish line
      • ACBVLB information booth and open-water buoy sales
      • Tourisme Bromont local and regional tourist information kiosk
      • Ubac mechanic service, accessory sales and bike rentals at the boutique at 89 boul. Bromont
      • Bike rentals at Centre National Cycliste Bromont
      • Bike rentals at Bromont Montagne d’Expériences


    XTERRA Triathlon World Championships

    Winners in their category for the standard triathlon format have the opportunity to earn a place at the 2023 or 2024 XTERRA World Championships.

    Each first place winner in each XTERRA Bromont category will receive a certificate. Registration and payment of all fees must be completed prior to qualification. If you do not win your event, you may be invited by e-mail in the weeks following the event. Some qualification places will be awarded by a “roll down”.


    Thunderstorm policy

    Triathlon Québec’s rule book states that if lightning approaches the competition area within a 13 km radius, the race must be suspended. Thirty minutes after the last thunderclap, activities can resume. Since we’re only talking about a risk of scattered thunderstorms or a low risk of isolated thunderstorms during the day, all activities are maintained. In the event of a thunderstorm, Triathlon Québec rules will be applied for everyone’s safety.

    Should the situation persist, other measures could be applied, such as replacing the swim with a run (converting the triathlon to a duathlon), modifying the course or shortening the race. These options are not being considered at present.

    In the event of cancellation of the event (unlikely according to forecasts at the time of writing), our policy will be applied and a communication of your compensation options will be sent to you in the following days.

    Wearing a wetsuit

    Please refer to the relevant section of this guide for information on wearing a wetsuit. Please note that we anticipate that wetsuits may be permitted but not mandatory, but with unstable weather conditions, we ask that you plan for all eventualities, including the obligation to wear a wetsuit (unlikely but possible).


    Despite the rain, it’s possible that you’ll have to deal with extreme heat. Be vigilant, measure your efforts carefully and, above all, plan to stay hydrated.

    Sporting events held outdoors carry the risk of having to adapt to the weather. In most situations, including those currently forecast, it’s a question of being well prepared (rain or heat) and preserving the pleasure of taking part in great events. In extreme situations, we’ll keep you safe.


    Time limits for completing a segment ensure the safety of participants and the logistics of the event. Time limits are quite permissive and are very rarely exceeded except in the case of major difficulty. If a participant exceeds the time limit, he or she will not be allowed to start the next segment, will be disqualified and will have to hand in his or her timing chip.

    Saturday, August 26

      • No time limit

    Sunday, August 27

      • 10:45 a.m.: End of the 1st loop of the standard and long-distance bike race
      • 12:30 pm: End of bike and start of race
      • 1:15pm: End of 1st loop of Standard and long distance race
      • 2:00 pm: End of race and competition

    We may terminate a participant’s competition at any time, even if he or she is within the time limit, if we judge that his or her safety is at stake.

    We ask you to let us know if you feel uncomfortable, and to listen and respect your own limits.


    You must report any withdrawal to the organization before leaving the site.

    Be sure to inform a responsible person, not just a volunteer who may not have communication with us.


    First aid

    The XTERRA Bromont organization, in partnership with Kinatex A+ Physio Bromont, takes the health of its participants to heart. You can count on the expertise of our team of trained first-aid volunteers to ensure your safety during the event.

    To avoid injury during the event, here are a few tips to follow:

      • Unlike a road triathlon, the technical level of the bike course at a cross triathlon doesn’t allow you to let go of the handlebars at any time. It’s best to plan to feed when making your transitions, or to wait for a rolling section to eat or drink.
      • Be patient when overtaking on the bike course. Avoid rushing into areas not conducive to overtaking. This can lead to a fall and ruin your triathlon and that of another competitor.
      • Be aware that the level of technical skill varies from person to person. Politely ask for the way, giving preference to the left side of the track whenever possible. If someone asks you to pass, slow down or stop, clearing the track on the requested side without endangering yourself.
      • In the days leading up to your event, take the time to reconnoitre the course. You’ll be able to recognize the more technical areas and know how to tackle them safely!

    If you or another participant becomes ill or injured :

      • Quickly alert the first volunteer/first-aid personnel you see, or an athlete near you, so that they can notify medical personnel of your condition. If he/she must stay with you, send another athlete to inform the organization so that first-aid can come and take care of you.
      • Move to a safe area as far as possible to avoid causing a collision.
      • Depending on your condition, the medical staff will take care of you and escort you back to the medical tent.

    IMPORTANT: It is the duty of every participant to come to the aid of another participant whose health or safety is threatened. Stay with the victim or make sure someone can stay with him/her. Ask for help and notify a member of the organization as soon as possible, be it a patroller, a member of the medical team, a signaller or a volunteer at the refreshment station.

    Have a great race!

    The medical team
    XTERRA Bromont


    Sunday’s races will be timed by Sportstats. You will have a reusable chip on a Velcro strap. Make sure you wear your chip on your ankle (right or left). The chip is to be collected on the morning of your event only. It must be returned at the finish.

    Results will be live on www.sportstats.ca.

    Timing will be manual for Saturday events, and results will also be available on www.sportstats.ca.



    We have 3 local partners who offer the possibility of renting your mountain or gravel bike. Please contact them directly for reservations:


    It will be possible to rent a wetsuit by contacting La Boutique du Lac.


    As weather is always an uncertain factor for any outdoor event, it is very important to plan for any eventuality. Triathlon Québec’s technical delegate has full discretion to resolve any problems that may arise during the competition. In particular, he can modify the events and distances as he sees fit, while taking into account the safety of the athletes and the fairness of the competition.


    In general, the use of wetsuits is permitted but not mandatory at XTERRA Bromont. However, with the warm weather we’re experiencing and the later date of the event, it’s also likely that wetsuits will be prohibited. In an unlikely but possible situation, wetsuits could be mandatory. But be prepared for all possibilities. The final decision is made by the Triathlon Québec official 1 hour before the start of the first race of the day. You can consult all the rules by clicking on this link.

    Note that it will not be permitted to start with a wetsuit if it is forbidden or without a wetsuit if it is compulsory. Should either of these situations arise, it will still be possible to change your duathlon registration by notifying the registration table no later than 10 minutes after the wetsuit announcement.


    In the event of rain, especially torrential rain, the organizing committee, in agreement with Parc des Sommets and Bromont Montagne d’Expériences, reserves the right to modify the course if the safety of participants and the preservation of the trails are at stake.


    Weekends are overloaded with great events like ours, and this means that volunteers are more divided between several causes and events. We still need a few volunteers to complete our team. If you have any companions who are interested in helping out over the weekend, even if only for a few hours, we’d be very grateful.

    If you’d like to help out, or have a companion who can, it’s easy: just fill in the form on our website at https://xterraquebec.com/benevoles/.

    Is your friend or spouse taking part? Why not become a volunteer and contribute to the success of the event!


    Photographers will be on hand to capture the action. Photos will be posted on our Facebook page after the event.

    Other important information

    The trails will not be for the exclusive use of the event, but will be open and shared with other mountain users. Other users will be notified of the event and asked to give priority to participants.

    Volunteers on the course will remind you of these instructions at trail intersections.

    We ask you to show respect and cordiality at all times on the trails, with other users, volunteers and other participants.

    If you pass or want to pass someone, politely ask permission to pass when it’s safe and appropriate to do so. You must announce your intentions and be patient before overtaking.

    It is possible to train on the courses at any time between now and the event, except for the sections on the Olympic Equestrian Park grass fields. Please avoid these sections when training before the event, in order to respect our agreement with our partners and ensure good collaboration for years to come. Stay on the official trails of Parc des Sommets and Bromont Montagne d’Expériences.

    Please note that the trails will be marked from Thursday August 24.


    We’d like to thank you for your participation and hope you enjoy a great weekend with us.

    Thank you to all our invaluable volunteers, and to the spectators who came to cheer on friends, athletes and our youngsters during the event.

    And let’s not forget our partners who contribute to the success of this event! Thank them when you see them!

    We’re always open to your comments and suggestions. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

    Have a great XTERRA Bromont!!!